The ‘perfect’ antidote to the ongoing deluge of normalised violence and war from poet Giles Watson:

Unleash the Luminous Child of Reason
Unleash the luminous child of reason.

Let her innocence confound
the old philosophies, and speak
of things too clear for them
to see: the earth’s orbit is
an ellipse. Words of treaties
will rearrange into poems.
Naval boats can rescue whales.
The cash they spent on planes
makes perfect windmills, buys
space for trees – and all this free
time we’ll have when the wars
have ended, we’ll spend making
paintings, watching birds,
putting on plays, constructing
new musical instruments,
playing uncompetitive sports,
making friends, discovering stars.

Unleash the luminous child of reason.

She has been tethered so long
we think her foolish, or naiive,
but at bottom, we’re afraid
that let loose, she will toddle
amongst us with her set of keys,
with her child’s breath on our
cheeks, unlocking all our chains.

Poem by Giles Watson, 2014. The title is reputed to have been one of the sayings of Hypatia of Alexandria.

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